Monday, July 15, 2013

Custom Rug - Cafe Press Review

I know, its been a while but life has a way of throwing your curve balls.  I have been trying to get this custom rug review up for a while and am excited to show you the final result.  If you remember, a while back a representative from CafePress offered me the chance to design one of my own products from their DIY line and I opted for a customized rug.  

Here was the design I came up with.  Something bold.  Something graphic.  The process for ordering was quite simple.  They told me how big my file needed to be and then I simply uploaded my custom design.  I was able to see where the edges would be bound on the design as well.  Then after finalizing my design I hit the order button.  You can create you designs on their website or like me, create the design in Photoshop and just upload a jpg file.  

I didn't have any problems with upload or ordering and my rug showed up a couple days later.  Seriously, these guys were quick.

Now as you can expect with this sort of item the design was printed on top of the fibers meaning that this is not the kind of rug where each strand of fiber is dyed all the way through.  The design is simply printed on top.  This makes it perfect for spaces such as dorm rooms or kids rooms where you want something custom but don't want to pay an arm and a leg.  I do have this rug in my living room for now, it just worked so well with my furniture.  Make sure and take your shoes off in the area in which you place this rug.  If you live in an area such as the Arizona where red rock dust is everywhere the dust will stain the rug quite easily I'm sure.  The trick to keeping any rug looking fantastic is to treat it with respect:)  *Note:  This is not your high quality rug that will last for years and years.  I personally would use it in LOW traffic areas or a semi temporary solution.  It is what you would expect of an inexpensive custom rug.*  If you are like me and want to change the feel of your living room every other year than it could be a viable solution.  We move a lot :)

One little secret I learned about CafePress is that every so often they have random "Flash Sales" where most or all of their products will be 25%-50% off the original price.  You just have to check the site frequently to catch these sales.  In the future I would be interested in trying to design a shirt.  Like I said the turn around from the time you order is quick so it would be great for team shirts and they offer discounts for larger orders.

The products they have vary from custom graduation invitations and announcements to shower curtains.  They cater to the individual needs as well as those of the business person with items such as business cards and cases.

Finally, if you love your design enough and think others would to, CafePress has the option for you to partner with their store and sell your item.  How cool is that.

I would give this company two thumbs up.  They are easy to work with and have lots of products to offer to make you life and home personalized to you.

*Please note I did receive this rug as compensation for this post but the opinions expressed are solely my own.*


  1. The rug looks great! And I especially love the orange chair.

  2. Your whole living room looks AMAZING! Love the rug. I've never done anything that bold, but I'd love to. Brings so much life into the room.

  3. Great features, thanks for the link party!

  4. Hi,

    Wondering how the rug has held up after the past few years? Thank you.

  5. nice designed rug specially the color looks good and spot will not show easily in this rug so it is nice invention

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