Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Design Your Own Rug - Cafe Press

Have you ever been perusing Pinterest and looking through the various pins and thought you would like to design your own rug?  I know I have and there are so many great ideas out there.  I was beyond ecstatic when someone from CafePress contacted me about doing a review for one of their personalized products.  When I discovered you could design your own rug I was hooked but alas I 'm getting a little ahead of myself.

For those of you who aren't familiar with CafePress they offer customized products in conjunction with letting you sell your own customized products on their site.  It really is pretty sweet.

The range of products you can customize is pretty wide.  You can start out with your basics.  Design your own t-shirt.  The have v-necks, tank tops, raglan style, and even maternity shirts.  One of my all time favorite items of clothing are hoodies.  A person can never have too many hoodies, at least in my opinion.  My husband might think otherwise as he starts to loose space in our closet.

As Mother's and Father's Day approaches you may want to check out their other personalized products.  Their prices are pretty decent and so far I have been impressed with the contact I'm working with.

It doesn't just stop at clothing and dishware.  You can personalize your own shower curtains, blankets, i-phone cases and of course rugs.  

I gathered a bunch of photos for some inspiration and started designing away.  Rugs are a great way to bring pattern into your home and I love pattern.  Right now I'm really into fresh and clean neutral rooms with pops of color and pattern.  If you can't tell, herringbone patterns have always been a favorite of mine.

When I first started the design process I thought I would go with a neutral gray, it would go with everything.  Of course I would add my color through my accessories.

Then I was looking through photos and decided I liked the stark contrast of black and white rugs and came up with this ombre herringbone rug.  I love both concepts.  You have to imagine this pattern at a large scale as it would be a 3 x 5 rug.

I think I will play around a little bit more with a larger print and if I can decide for sure which room I want it in, perhaps I will even add some fun colors.

What do you think?  How would you design your own rug?  I'm so excited to submit my design and see how the final product turns out.  Stay tuned!


  1. That's pretty cool since finding the perfect rug for our house is almost impossible. We can have so much fun personalizing our own rug, that would be awesome!!!

    Great tip
    thanks for sharing


  2. I've made many shower curtains with much success - how did I miss making the rugs! Thanks for bringing this to my attention AND wow your rugs are so cool!

  3. How awesome is this? I never thought about making my own rug.

  4. Hi Sarah, did you actually order a rug from Café Press? I am thinking of ordering a 5x7 that I designed. It said that the rug would be ordered from Studio Metzger. I'm just wondering about the quality.

  5. Your designs are really fascinating Sarah. You are very talented person with deep insight. Good wishes for you dear and keep your moral high.

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