Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baptism Invitation Template - (Fleur De Lis)

Finally, I have finished my first boy baptism invitation template. What do you think?

Some may be wondering what the incentive is to purchase a baptism invitation template from Sarah Dawn Designs; whether you download the psd file yourself or have me input your photos and information and send you the finished jpeg file. This is an excellent question.

First off, I have designed my baptism invitation templates in a 4 x 6 size because there are so many websites like Shutterfly and Snapfish that are constantly running offers to get 50-100 prints for free.

Lets assume that I am in need of 50 photo baptism invitations and I am getting them through Shutterfly for free. Here is the breakdown of the cost.

PSD File
(I download the file myself, and use Photoshop to put my own photos and info into the template)

50 Prints - Free
50 4 x 6 Envelopes- $6.00-$12.00 (found on Amazon)
PSD Download Cost at Sarah Dawn Designs - 5.00
Total Cost = $11.00- $17.00

JPG File
(I email the photos and information to info@sarahdawndesigns.com, Sarah Dawn Designs inputs them into a template and send me the finished JPG file)

50 Prints - Free
50 4 x 6 Envelopes- $6.00-$12.00 (found on Amazon)
PSD Download Cost at Sarah Dawn Designs - 10.00
Total Cost = $16.00- $22.00

Perhaps you don't want to pay the cost to snail mail all those invitations. No problem you have a file that you can send through email as well.

There are so many options with my semi - custom photo announcements and the best part is that you get something unique for those special occasion.

To find this Fleur De Lis baptism invitation template and others for a PSD download visit my website here. To order a JPG file please visit here.

AND... through the month of July if you pre-order any religious announcement template I will wave all design fees to create a complete customized invitation. This means that you can tell me exactly what you are looking for (ie. color, theme, graphics, photo layout, etc), I will create it to your wishes and still only charge $5.00 for a PSD file and $10.00 for a JPG file.

Be sure to check out my website for other great Baptism Invitations such as these.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Damask Wedding Invitation (What Could Have Been)

(Damask Wedding Invitation)

A month after my husband and I decided to get married we found ourselves cutting our engagement time by more than half for various reasons like family schedules and school. Thus we were in a rush to get invitations ordered so we would have time to mail them out a few weeks before the wedding. The only problem was that it left me with basically no time to do any research let alone dab into the custom photo invitations world. It was all about what we could get the fastest.

Thus we settled on a plain white invitation with an embossed calla lily customized with all of our information and then put a 4 x 6 photo in with it. Needless to say they weren't the beautiful wedding invitations of my dreams.

I think perhaps if I could go back in time and find a site that sold semi - custom photo invitations I would have selected something like the Damask Wedding Invitation found on my website. My colors were purple and green and this baby would have fit perfectly. In addition I could have downloaded the template right then into Photoshop, added my photos and information and had it to the printers all in the same day.

Thus here is what my beautiful wedding invitations could have looked like.

Do you have anything you wish you could have changed about your wedding or the preparations?

Do you know anyone in a similar situation?

For this and other semi - custom photo invitations take a peek over at my website and as always please feel free to email me about custom orders at info@sarahdawndesigns .

*Sarah Dawn Designs specializes in semi - custom photo invitations that can be downloaded in PSD form for those who have Photoshop or I can add your photos and info into the template myself and send you the JPG ready to print at the location of your choice*