Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father's Day Printables (Download of the Month)

Father's Day is fast approaching and as you can see my Free Download of the Month are Father's Day Printables.  Again, these are words that I thought appropriately described my own dad.  These Father's Day Printables are simple in design and coordinate with last month's download for Mother's Day.

I always have a hard time describing my relationship with my dad.  My mom is best friend but there is something special about a father-daughter relationship.  It's one that I can't adequately put into words.  

To find these free Father's Day Printables head on over to my website, here.

It was designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 size paper and then trimmed to fit into an 8 x 10 frame.

What words would you use to describe your father? 

Be sure to check back in the next couple of weeks for next months free download of the month.  It will be in honor of the the Fourth of July so I will be releasing it a few weeks early.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Tips for Managing Anxiety

Sometimes managing anxiety seems to always be an upward battle.  However, we aren't left defenseless.  It's a good practice to involve those who are qualified when creating a plan for managing anxiety.  I have tried several different tactics.  Some have worked.  Some haven't.  Below are ten suggestions to help manage anxiety but they are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.  

1.) Watch What You Eat

 -  I know it sounds so repetitive but what we eat really does affect our emotional health, especially when there may be some form of hormonal imbalance.  I don't know about you but when I have been eating a bunch of junk food my body just feels sluggish and "sick."  My confidence starts to slide and my desire to change diminishes.  It makes it hard to fight anxiety when you already feel so down.  Our body needs the nutrients of fresh fruits and vegetables, of complex carbs (meaning whole grains).  When we physically feel good our ability to help our mental state increases.  

2.) Exercise and Sunlight

-  This goes hand in hand with watching what we eat.  Endorphins help to balance the hormones.  They are the happy hormone and give us that "high" feeling.  Even better is exercising in the sunlight.  We all can use a good dose of vitamin D.  There is a connection between mood and sunlight.  I know anxiety is more than just a "mood" but anxiety is closely related to depression with the sunlight being a deterrent of both.  I know how hard getting out of my dark cave and exercising can be.  Sometimes it can take every ounce of personal will power and at first I really really don't want to do either.  However, I feel a small victory when I win over my desires.  I have yet to ever come back from even a short walk feeling worse than I already did.  There are days when all I can muster  up is a walk around the block but I soon find the more I do that, the more control I have over my anxiety.  Then my exercise begins to increase as a burden is lightened.  
3.) Aroma Therapy

-  You've heard me talk about my essential oils before and I really can't say enough.  My husband has started calling my Peppermint Oil my new perfume.  When I feel anxious I often put just a little bit of oil on my upper lip.  For those who deal with anxiety on a regular basis, you know that one of the first signs is the feeling like you aren't getting enough air.  I have found that the smell of peppermint is so refreshing that I begin to feel like I'm breathing normally again.  It also leaves that icy hot feeling on my lip which often times is enough to help break up my thoughts that are feeding my anxiety.  It forces me to think about the tingling sensation.  Another favorite is to take a lemon and lavender bath.  I just put a few drops into my bath water of each.  The lavender helps our bodies to physically relax and I use the lemon to help me bare the smell of the lavender.    

4.)  Talk with a Professional

-  I am not ashamed one bit to admit that I have seen a counselor on more than one occasion.  In fact, it empowers me.  So much of my anxiety was not understanding it.  I didn't know why I was feeling the way I was?  What thoughts got me to that point?  Why I felt so helpless?  The list could go on and on.  As I talked with a professional I learned more about myself.  I learned that my anxiety is driven by my feeling of having "no control."  I had no control over my miscarriages, I had no control over the tornado that hit our house.  I have no control over the decisions the other drivers make.  My counselors have taught me how to relinquish that control somewhat.  That feeling of no control is an essence fear.  I've learned to face those fears and try and play out those fears.  They've taught me relaxation techniques and given me tools to break my train of thought.    

5.)  Have a Confidant 

-  Talking with a professional helped me to know what I needed in those moments I feel most panicked.  It also made me realize I needed to tell other people what I needed.  Now this can vary from person to person.  My husband is my first confidant with my mom being my backup.  I can tell my husband, "I'm feeling really anxious right now." and not feel like he is going to judge me.  He understands that often times anxiety in completely irrational but very real.  He doesn't try to "fix me" unless I ask him to.  Often times I just need him to hold me, so that I feel safe.  He helps to create a relaxing environment by grabbing some soothing music.  He'll engage me in conversations outside of my anxieties.  My mom does that same things.  There are times when I need to work through my anxieties in the moment and others where I just need her to distract me.  

6.) Take a Media Detox

-  As the years have gone by and I get to know myself better I've started seeing a pattern.  My anxiety is linked to my use of technology.  If I'm watching too much T.V., spending  a lot of time on the internet, or always have the music blaring my anxiety often goes up.  I think some of it is all of the flashing lights and constant sound of noise.  Movies and shows are full of people killing other people, bad guys doing bad things, and natural disasters that change the world.  It's not very peaceful and uplifting.  Thus when I feel my anxiety rising I will often to a media detox.  I will try to find other activities to engage in such as calling a friend, reading a book, doing a puzzle, cleaning my house, exercising, or service projects.  As I keep my media in check my anxiety becomes easier to manage.
7.) Be Prepared to Battle

-  I have finally come to realize that I will most likely have to battle anxiety for the rest of my life.  Its in my genes.  I also have learned that I am not my anxiety and that I am the one with control, not my anxiety.  I have anxiety over a lot of things and it can vary from day to day.  Sometimes I have social anxiety, or anxiety that I'm going to get sick while I'm out.  I might have anxiety over the weather or an upcoming trip.  I can't let it run my life.  Thus, if I'm anxious about going out in public, I go out in public.    If I have anxiety over a trip, I go on the trip.  Sometimes it makes my anxiety rise even more and I am slightly miserable but in the end it makes me feel powerful.  I won that battle.  It didn't keep me from living my life.  This is where it comes in handy to have someone to talk to.  I can go on a trip with my friends, tell them I'm feeling a little anxious, and then find that sometime throughout the trip my anxiety started dissipating.  You have to face the fears at some point.  When that point is... can be very personal and vary depending on what stage you are at.  

8.)  Take the Losses

-  Knowing that I will struggle with anxiety the rest of my life I've also come to accept that it is ok to not win every battle.  We don't have to be perfect at managing our anxieties.  I have this irrational fear of throwing up in public.  As a result I often start feeling nauseous and start to panic when I'm in public.  There are days when I have decided, "You know what, today I just can't do it and that's ok.  I will cancel my plans and stay home.  However, tomorrow's battle will be mine."

9.)  Learn What Works for You

-  What works for one person won't work for another.  I can't use the medications.  My body is too sensitive and they make my anxiety worse.  However, I have had several friends who find great relief in using the medications, under a doctor's supervision.  For me, concentrating on my breathing often makes me feel more panicked so yoga is not always a great option when I have moved past anxiety and into the realm of panic.  Taking a shower often works better.  What tips our anxiety off is so personal and our bodies and minds are so unique.  It's ok to be different.  Just don't give up.

10.)  Have a Plan

-  Finally, have a plan.  In talking with a professional I learned what makes me anxious and the signs of a panic attack.  Now when I start feeling that shortness of breath and nervousness I have a plan of what to do next.  Like I said, my anxiety is built off the fear of not having control.  Having a plan of action helps to relinquish some of that control.  If my husband is home, I go to him immediately and try to not sit stoically, hiding my fears.  If he isn't that's when I may call my mom.  Sometimes I don't even need other people's help.  I may fill the bath tub or talk through my thought pattern of what the underlying fear is.  Knowing what to do in the heat of the moment is half the battle.

I'm still learning and trying out new things to help in managing anxiety.  For example, I have recently found that acupuncture really helps me.  The point is to take Winston Churchill's advice and, "Never, never, never give up."

What tools have you found to be most helpful in managing anxiety?    

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Bedroom Ideas (Inspiration Board)

If you would have told me when we first got married that I would be dreaming of blue bedroom ideas for our house I would tell you, "That's crazy, I'm not really a blue person plus it's too mainstream."  Oh how my styles and tastes have changed.  The truth is that I haven't really worked on our bedroom, I wanted to be more established before I started investing in new furniture and bedding.  It looks like it may still be a while before we are truly established so for now I'm just dreaming up what our master bedroom might look like someday. 

This blue bedroom ideas board was of course inspired by this fabulous West Elm duvet.  Like I said, blue hasn't always been my top choice of color but when I saw this beauty on Pinterest I fell immediately in love and started coordinating the rest of the room around it.  

I'm loving the current tread to have a fairly neutral space with pops of color throughout.  I imagine the walls being painted a light taupe or cream color with lots of natural light coming through the windows.  Having a neutral pallet gives me the freedom to mix patterns, colors, and styles without overwhelming the space but creating lots of visual interest.  

What style is this inspiration board?  It's kind of a mix of old world, shabby chic, with a slight modern touch.  Other than the duvet my favorite part of this "dream room" is the mixture of pillow fabrics.  I want the dandelion fabric!

Now that I've started dreaming I have all sorts of blue bedroom ideas racing through my head in various styles.  It's so exciting:)  What color scheme or style do you wish for you dream bedroom?  Do you have an inspiration board or file started?  What piece of furniture or accessory do you start with for your inspiration?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Modern Typography Birth Announcements

Baby Photo: Courtesy of Claire Waite Photography

Modern Typography is rapidly climbing the popularity ladder.  I think its a great approach for cards and announcements because it allows you to get all of your information out there in an artistic way.  Isn't this little girl just so sweet?  Who wouldn't want all of their friends and family to "meet" her.  This modern typography birth announcement is available in three different sizes: 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 6 x 7 1/2.  

For those with a version of Photoshop you can download this template on my website.  It will be a PSD file.

For those who don't have Photoshop I will gladly add your photos and information into the template and make any changes you request.  Then when the announcement is complete I will send you the final JPG file, ready for you to print at the location of your choice.  You just need to head on over to my website and purchase the "JPG" file to get the process started.      

Modern typography can be both feminine AND masculine so of course I created a typography announcement perfect for your new little boy.  The same guidelines as above apply to this template only for those with Photoshop you will find it in the PSD files under Boy Birth Announcements.  For those who want the JPG version (and me to do all the work) you will head over to the JPG file for Boy Birth Announcements.

If you have any questions or special requests please don't hesitate to contact me at info@sarahdawndesigns.com .

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tasty BBQ Salmon Marinade

We have a salmon dinner on a fairly regular basis in our house.  One day last year I decided I was tired of the same old recipe and decided to get a little creative, the product is my new favorite BBQ Salmon Marinade.  The first time I attempted this BBQ Salmon Marinade my husband thought I had lost my marbles, "You want to put WHAT together?"  Hence the reason I usually try to cook when he isn't looking:)  It's easier to try new things and yes sometimes even slip in a healthy substitute here and there.  Shh don't tell him.  This recipe is perfect for a summer BBQ or even just cooking it in the oven.  

The first step is cut up some vegetable of your choice.  This will usually depend on what is on sale that particular week and I've stocked up on.  At minimum I usually always use zucchini but we love zucchini in this family.  Above is pictured; zucchini, yellow squash, sweet onion, and orange bell pepper.  Set your cut up vegetable aside as we work on the marinade.

BBQ Salmon Marinade Ingredients (Per Fillet):
     - Aluminum Foil    
     - Lemon Juice
     - Dried Minced Onion
     - 2 Teaspoons BBQ Sauce
     - 1-2 Teaspoons Italian Salad Dressing
     - Lemon Pepper
     - Montreal Steak Seasoning

*If you are cooking this in the oven preheat your oven to 375 degrees. *

Step 1:  Tear off  a piece of aluminum foil big enough for your fillet and vegetables.  Sprinkle lemon juice on the bottom of the foil.  Next sprinkle your dried minced onion on the bottom in the same fashion.  These ingredients will help season the fillet as well as your vegetables so don't be too shy.

Step 2:  Place your fillet in the center of your foil (if you are using frozen salmon make sure to thaw it first).  Place 1 teaspoon of your favorite BBQ sauce and use a brush to spread it across the top and sides.  Repeat this process with 1 teaspoon of Italian salad dressing.

Step 3:  Sprinkle lemon pepper and the Montreal Steak Seasoning on top.  You can use the photo above to judge approximately how much I used; not too  little, not too much.

Step 4: (Optional)  Flip your fillet over and repeat steps 2 and 3.  I don't always use the second teaspoon of Italian dressing for the other side.  One is usually enough for my taste.  Thus for this side I use the BBQ sauce, lemon pepper, and Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Step 5:  Place your vegetables on both sides of your fillet.  The more you use, the longer your cook time will be.  Wrap up your fillet and veggies with your foil.  It should look like a foil packet.  If you wish, you can let the marinade set for a few hours in the fridge but you don't have to.

Step 6:  Throw it on the BBQ for 15- 25 minutes or place it in the oven for 25-35 minutes.  Make sure it is cooked all the way through before eating it.    

I like to serve this meal with rice.  If I'm cooking it on the BBQ I might also throw on some pineapple kabobs.  Overall it is a pretty healthy meal and the taste is AMAZING.  Like I said, the husband thought I was going crazy when he first saw me assemble this BBQ salmon marinade.  That lasted until he took his first bite.  It was love at first bite!

There have been times when I went to make this BBQ salmon marinade and didn't have Italian dressing.  Thus you can try substituting it with  different dressings such as a balsamic vinaigrette or Catalina dressing.  The amount is so small that it won't throw off you health points too much:)

Who's ready for summer?  What is your favorite salmon dinner recipe?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Fruit Facts (Meet, Super Apple)

Over the last couple of weeks I've learned some fun fruit facts from my mom.  She is taking a master gardeners class at her local college and always has some cool information to share.  Recently she shared a couple of fun fruit facts that just blew my mind and I had to share them with all of you.

Let's first talk about apples.  There are adages like "An apple a day will keep the doctor away."  I've been told apples can help a child with diarrhea and that over all they are great for your health.  What I didn't know was that apples have super ripening powers.  Yes you heard me right, apples have  secret powers just like our favorite super heroes.  

Apples produce a hormone called Ethylene.  Ethylene causes other fruits to ripen more rapidly.  In fact the produce industry uses this hormone to ripen "green" produce.  Those Florida oranges you eat for breakfast were more than likely not picked orange.  They would start to rot before it made it to your local market in the western states.  Thus they pick the oranges green and place them in an Ethylene room for a short while to ripen them before they are placed in the produce section ready for you to buy.  As they ripen they will change from green to orange.  

So what does that have to do with our apples?  If apples naturally produce this particular hormone they can help to ripen some of your other fruits.  Thus, if you have an avocado, peach, kiwi, or some other fruit that you need to ripen within say 6-24 hours (it varies by fruit), all you need to do is place the fruit in a paper lunch sack with an apple for a few hours and PRESTO, you have ripened fruit.  

As a result of this super power it may not be a wise idea to keep your apples in a confined space such as a bowl.  The ethylene is heavier than air and will not leave the bowl but rather increase in concentration shortening your apple's lifespan.  This means that the pretty assorted fruit bowl sitting on your table, apples and all, is actually causing your fruit to spoil quicker.  Have no fear, all is not lost.  The solution is simple.  Find a bowl for your apples that has holes such as a wire basket.  If you have a  hanging wire bowl with several tiers, place your apples on the bottom and your other fruit on the upper tiers.  (Remember Ethylene is heavy.)  Finally, keep your apples separated from your other fruits unless your intention is to ripen those other fruits quickly.

Who knew?  What fun fruit facts do you know about apples?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

10 Internet Safety Tips for Protecting Our Children

Recently I was asked to teach a class on internet safety and how to keep our children safe as technology advances.  This was to include tips for not only internet safety but keeping our children safe no matter what device they are using.

In preparation I called up one of my husband's friends who is a police officer, asking him what things he wished parents knew.  He said that people, including children, are being victimized more often as the result of the ever advancing technology.  In fact, I-phones are the number one theft in America right now and people are not skipping over children in these kinds of thefts.

The first mistake we make is thinking that our family will be exempt from anything bad as a result of our internet activity.

After teaching this lesson I thought I would share some of my internet safety tips.

1.)  Know the settings of the device or program you are using:

      So many people have Facebook Profiles but don't ever check their settings.  This allows anyone to view their personal information, photos, conversations, etc without ever having to be a "Facebook Friend." As a people we put way too much information about ourselves online, the least we could do is be in control of who can and can't have access to that information.

2.)  Protect your photos

      What does a photo say about you?  The more photos we post on the internet the more information about ourselves we give out.  However, as technology advances so does the type and amount of information we give out.  I watched a video on YouTube a while back where someone was taking a photo of their daughter in her room playing with their smart phone.  They uploaded it to the computer and where able to find the exact coordinates of where that photo was taken, right down to the very room in the house. Scary.  However, this can be a quick fix.  On your smartphones, I-pods, digital cameras, etc.  make sure your "GPS" setting on your photos is turned off.

Also know that when you upload a photo to the internet it is as easy as "CTRL C" for someone to take your photo and do what they please with it.  (Hence the reason I add a watermark to my photos)

Once you upload it or text it, it is there forever.

3.)  Be careful with specifics

      Teach your children what information they should and shouldn't put on the internet.  Things to consider are dates, personal contact information, locations, names, and when you will be out of town.

If I post a photo of my family on our Disney Cruise on Facebook with the note,  "Wish you were all here with us,"  I have just announced to all my Facebook Friends that my house is empty.  Now you may think everyone on your list is trustworthy but most home invasions occur by somebody the owner knew.

I leave out dates and  names in my blog posts for the safety of my family.  I use my birth date to get access to all sorts of personal information.  Instead I use general terms like "the husband," or "our anniversary month."

4.)  Social Media, Emails, Texting, etc is not a way to communicate clearly

      Have you ever written something and had someone completely misinterpret your meaning?  I know I have plenty of times.  Why do you think that is?  When we write things the people on the other side of the screen can't see our body language, hear the tone we intended, see what kind of mood we are in, etc.  In addition we tend to project our own mood and feelings on something when we read it.  If I'm offended at the moment I read something I will read it in a way the makes it sound like the writer was intending to be offensive.

       I also know that often times we are multi-tasking as we read something and often skim through the text, missing part of the meaning.  

      As I've worked with teenage girls and college Freshman I've seen how quickly things get  misinterpreted when communication is done solely through writing.  It's getting to the point where kids, myself included, grow up not knowing how to make a phone call and as a result sometimes self-confidence or relationships suffer. I wonder sometimes if true communication is a dying art form.

5.)  Public Forums are not an appropriate place for fighting  

       I'm not saying you can't disagree with an article someone has written.  Instead I'm talking about arguments and disagreements with those we know and/or love.  If I'm mad at my husband and post something like, "My husband is such a pig, I've been slaving away all day taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, etc and he can't even do one lousy load of dishes.  When will he ever get a clue?"  Not only have I made him look bad but included 500 of my closest friend in a discussion that should have been held between just the two of us.  People will start judging him without all of the facts, it will make him feel attacked, and it resolves nothing.  Same goes with friends, co-workers, children, or parents.  (BTW, my husband is great about helping around the house.)

6.)  While we all have opinions we should not demean others with them

       I am a very opinionated person but that doesn't mean I'm always right or that I have the right to make others feel bad because they don't agree with me.  We often forget that there are people on the other end of the screen.  I try and live by the mantra, " If you wouldn't say it to their face, don't say it online or in a text."  This is how online bullying starts.

      Thus if I'm writing about my parenting style I should present it in a manner that lets others know why I have chosen it for my family but that I also understand what works for me doesn't work for them.  If I belong to one political party I should respect others' rights to belong to the other.  All democrats or all republicans are not bad people.  There's good and bad on both sides.

7.)  Know what your children are saying/doing with technology  

      Some kids may think it is an invasion of their privacy or that you are ruining their lives, I know I did as a teenager.  With technology comes responsibility, something we are often taught by our parents.  Growing up there was the rule that my phone was subject to random "spot checks."  At one point I had run over my minutes so my parents pulled up my call list to find out why.  They discovered I was talking to my boyfriend late into the night.  Of course I got my phone privileges taken away and my life was ruined forever.  However, they wanted me to get an adequate amount of sleep so that I might be successful in my school studies.  I needed to learn how to balance and I needed my parents to help guide me.    

I know as a parent you can pull up phone records and text/pic messages for your minor's phone if you feel it necessary.

8.)  Monitor your child's Facebook and Myspace accounts

      This is for a few reasons.  Know who your children's friends are, who they are talking to, who is talking to them.  Read through their walls.  Most kids will not tell you if they are being bullied online.   It will also help you to know if they are putting out too much information.

        Our police officer friend also said to know that many kids have several accounts.  They will have the account that their parents can see and then they will have their secret account.  To try and help combat this he suggested that every so often you look at their friends list, select some of the closer friends, and then look through their friends lists to see if your child has multiple accounts.

9.)  Check your Browsing History

       Know what sites your family is accessing.  Children are technologically savvy and they may delete their browsing history.  Thus sometimes you may have to keep track of when they are on the internet and make sure your history matches that timeline.

       In conjunction help your children to know what to do if they come across a bad site.  They need to feel comfortable coming to you when they happen upon something they know they shouldn't and not fear you are going to get mad.

10.)  Set limits and a time to unplug

        Facebook, texting, I-pods and anything related to our modern technology can quickly eat away our lives if we aren't careful.  Thus it may be a good idea to set limits for how long we are on these devices.  Create technology free zones.  Perhaps you have a basket that everyone drops their cell phone in before you sit around the dinner table so that you may have 30 minutes of un-interrupted family time.  I know the husband and I will sit down once a week and calendar times we are going to do things together. Sometimes it is as simple as scheduling a time when we are both going to a read books in the same room.  Both of our lives are highly centered around the computer and if we are not careful we can spend every waking minute we have together not saying a word but instead be in separate offices working.  I know I don't want that for my family.   There will always be work to do but the times we have together as a family are limited.  

In the end we as parents, leaders, role-models and teachers have to set the example for our children.  Do you have to do all of the above?  No.  You need to decide what rules and practices are going to be best for your family.  Is there more you can do?  Of course, these were just ten suggestions I came up with.

How do you approach internet safety for your family?


Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Yarn Wreath

I did it, I made my first yarn wreath!  I think this is my first wreath period and I love how it turned out.  Honestly the hardest part was trying to decide on colors.  Do I make it match my interior?  Do I use the same style?  Do I go completely different?  Do I make it seasonal?  So many questions.  Ultimately though the lack of color choice for the felt flowers helped me make a final decision.  While the colors in my house are a little more subdued I think that I was able to mix my overall design style with fun summer colors to make the perfect outdoor yarn wreath.

1 skein of yarn
1 foam wreath
3 pieces of dark purple felt
3 pieces of yellow felt
1 piece of lt grey felt
1 piece of dk grey felt
1 piece of medium purple felt
1 piece of lt purple felt
1 piece of linen for a tie
Glue gun

I wanted a yarn that had some texture so that it didn't have the "yarn" look as I wrapped it around the wreath (I know it's kind of ironic since I was making a yarn wreath).  What can I say... sometimes I don't understand my own thought process.  I found this neutral color as JoAnns.  It's Lion Brand and the color is Pearls.  It  kind of reminded me of wool and it was on sale!

I found various felt flower tutorials for my yarn wreath on Pinterest.  All were fairly easy.  The yellow flower was the most time consuming but it was my statement piece.  Again I wanted varying textures.  Some of the flowers had more dimension then others.

After I had finished all of my felt flowers I played around with the placement and hot glued them on.  The final touch was my linen tie at the top.  Do you recognize my the linen strip from another one of my projects?  

This yarn wreath was rather inexpensive.  I think I made it for right around $10.  It was a project I worked on with my mother-in-law and we had a blast creating it.  Do you have a yarn wreath or any wreath you made for the matter?  I would love to stop by and see your latest creations.  Happy Monday!      

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Mother Load of Mother's Day Gifts

Your Fab Hostesses Are Mompreneur Mogul & Mom Blogger Buzz

We are so excited to present the Mother Load Mother's Day Giveaway Event where ONE mom will take home the whole shabang!

RULES: This contest is open to US residents ONLY. Must be 18 or older to win with a paypal account to claim cash prize. When: This Mother Load Mother's Day Giveaway Runs May 3rd - May 13th 11:59 EST so share it and pass the word. How To Enter: Like the Facebook Pages On The Rafflecopter Winners: You will be notified immediately after the event ends by email you will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen in your place. Prizes: Over $700 in cash and prizes. Here are some bullet points but for photos and a detailed list vist : Mother Load Prize Details