Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Choosing An Interior Paint (Orange Bedrooms)

I happen to love orange, in fact it was one of my favorite colors in high school. I had an orange cell phone, pajama pants, and anything else I could get my hands on. Perhaps this is because fall is my favorite season and I love all things pumpkin. Overall, it is a great color. However as I watched the first episode of this season's Design Star I was reminded that there are proper uses of this color throughout different spaces. One designer from this episode had painted the walls a fun shade of orange in a bedroom. While there was nothing specifically wrong with the color it didn't work in the space. Why? Well that's today's discussion. How to use orange in bedroom.

The first thing when choosing a paint color for the walls is to make a list of tasks and feeling you want to create throughout a space. You can then create a similar list for the color in question. What does that color make you think of? What feelings does is stir? Let's examine one list for a general bedroom and the color orange.


-play area
-personal space

-exciting and extroverted
-warning, construction, cones
-warm, fire
-makes a statement

Even from this short list we can already see that while orange may meet the needs for a play space or one of romance it may not be the best color for wall paint in a bedroom. The main and most important activity for a bedoom is sleep and relaxation. Orange is not a color that I think of when either of those words pop into my head. In fact it is almost the opposite. As one of the judges pointed out on Design Star, orange is one of those colors you can see through your eye lids.

So does this mean to never use orange in a bedroom? Absolutely not, it just means we have to be more thoughtful on how we use it. While four walls painted in a pumpkin orange may be counter-productive to a space defined by it sleeping needs it could still be used in the accessories, rug, or blanket. When pulling in this particular color you just need to ask yourself, is this accessory going to create too much excitement? Do I still feel like I could relax in this room?

Of course there are other tricks and techniques to using orange in a bedroom to consider such as the specific hue, saturation, and lighting in the room but those are all topics for a different post.

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