Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Moment (Shepherd's Meal)

Ok I know I've taken a few weeks off from Monday's Moments but it's time to get back on the band wagon. Today's post is all about TRADITIONS.

When you hear the word "tradition" is it said in Tevye's voice from Fiddler on the Roof. Ya same here. In fact the song starts playing as soon as I think of it.

The holidays are often filled with various traditions. The husband and I are still trying on a few for size and deciding which traditions we as a family would like to continue on with. However, today I would like to talk about a Christmas tradition I had growing up.

Every Christmas Eve we would read the Christmas Story from Luke. When we were young we started adding on to this tradition by eating a "Shepherd's Meal" while someone read the story. We would pull out the blankets for an indoor picnic, turn some of the lights out and grab our meal that was in a muslin bag. Inside the bag we would find jerky, string cheese, crackers, grapes, and a juice box. Following the story and our meal we would sing a few Christmas hymns.

I loved this tradition because it helped us as kids to take a moment and realize the humble circumstances in which the Christmas Story is told. Our focus was momentarily shifted from the "I Wants" to the true meaning of Christmas : love, service, gratitude, joy, and Hope.

Hubby and I have yet to decide if we will continue this tradition but it is one I would like to at least try once those stubborn children of ours show up.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. What a beautiful tradition, Sarah. :)

    And yes, I heard Tevye singing as soon as I saw TRADITIONS in caps!

  2. Oh Sarah this is a wonderful tradition! I too heard Tevye singing. What a beautiful post!

  3. I love that tradition! So creative and hands-on. We always read the Luke story on Christmas Eve, but we've never tried the Shepherds' meal. Wonderful.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tradition at Simple & Sweet Fridays.