Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas 2011 (doTERRA and Essential Oils)

I am a strong believer that our senses play a huge part in our every day life from our moods to our physical and emotional well being.

I've already written several posts on how color can affect our lives. Orange bedrooms anyone? How about blue kitchens? I know that color and light can make us feel sick or help fight off the winter blues.

Thus it should be no surprise to me that certain scents will have various reactions. I was first introduced to essential oils earlier this year while on a cruise. Any kind of motion and me just don't mix very well and I seem to feel the tiniest movements that most people don't. We had barely left port in "smooth" water when I started feeling really sick. My SIL had suggested I put a few drops of Peppermint Oil behind my ears and a little bit on my napkin to smell. Let's just say it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Since then I have found Peppermint Oil to be so helpful. When Peppermint Oil is placed topically is has a cooling sensation (kind of like an Icy Hot feeling). I was having headaches as a side effect to a medicine, a headache that lasted for two weeks. Throughout the day I would put a little bit of oil across my forehead and it would take the edge of my headache. As a result of the cooling sensation it took my focus off the headache for just a few minutes, providing some relief.

I also found it to be extremely helpful with my anxiety. I've had pretty severe anxiety since I was little as the result of some strong genes. It's something I will have to fight all of my life. Anxiety is run by irrational fears a lot of the time. Often I know my anxiety is rising and for no good reason but that doesn't always stop it. Lately, I place a little bit of the Peppermint Oil on my upper lip and again it serves as a distraction just like it did for the headache. It is usually enough for me to take control of my anxiety and push those thoughts away.

Anyone feel exceptionally gross on airplanes? I find that a little bit of peppermint seems to freshen things up and allow me to not think about all the recycled air as much. I could go on and on with the uses for Peppermint Oil.

Thus the doTerra Essential Oils made it high on my list of Holiday Gift Ideas for 2011. Luckily I didn't have to wait long as my SIL sent me this starter kit for my birthday a few weeks ago. They can be a little pricey but they are totally worth it in my book. Both my SIL and a chemistry friend of mine swear that this brand is the best and the most regulated (as in you know exactly what is in it).

Since I received my starter pack I have already fallen in love with the Lavender Oil. It too has helped with my motion sickness and anxiety. I put it in my bath water and almost instantly started relaxing, which is key to fighting those anxious thoughts and feelings.

For someone who is sensitive to most medications I have found the essential oils to be a huge blessings and would highly recommend them.

What is making the top of your list for Holiday Gift Ideas in 2011?


  1. I'm a huge fan of doTERRA oils. I wouldn't do research with them if I didn't believe in their power! I'm so glad you use and love the oils too.

  2. Great tip, Sarah. I will give essential oils a try. :o)