Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day Wish

It's true... my Valentines Day wish is for more snow.  I don't just want any kind of snow, I want the kind that sticks around for more than a day.  I want at least another one or two snowstorms that produces the amount you see above.  

 I do not particularly LOVE the snow itself.  I don't ski or snowboard.  In fact snow storms make my anxiety levels go all sorts of crazy and I hate driving in it.  It can mess up plans and cancel trips.  However, it is important for some of the things I love.  Have you ever seen a Montana summer?  They are simply beautiful.  Like all things, that beauty comes at a price, at least six  months of hard, cold winters to be exact.

I married into a Lake loving family as well and guess what... Lake Powell is dependent on the snow fall that the Rocky Mountains get.  Low snowfall makes for low water at the lake.

It's not all about the looks or the activities though.  My grandpa is a farmer.  Warm, dry winters often make for warmer and drier summers.  The rivers and lakes are low.  Plants get scorched and crops struggle.  When the farmers have a hard growing season you can bet that gas and food prices will sky rocket.

I also live in a desert state that already is in a drought.  If we don't get enough snow in the mountains that sticks we can bet that the drought will become that much worse.  Plants will dry out.  Mix that with the large amount of wind we get in the spring and you have all the makings for a great fire season... because last year wasn't enough.

I may not love the snow but it is important thus I will keep on wishing and hoping that not only Northern Arizona but a lot of the other states will get at least a couple more decent snow storms before Spring truly shows her face.

What's your Valentine's Day wish?

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