Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Texture Ball Challenge

Remember the texture ball I showed you a few weeks ago?  That was one of my first college projects for Interior Design.  We were learning about visual and tactile texture.  It happens to be one my favorite projects, so much so that I got together with some of my school friends to recreate it.

I have named this baby "Flight."

Originally I was going to use feathers, sequins, and split peas for the varying textures but found that the split peas where the wrong color of green and just wasn't going to fit the bill.  I already had everything else attached yesterday and started going through the supplies I had in my home with Tim Gunn's voice in my head saying, "Make It Work."  While I looked at several different options the hemp was the one that kept coming to mind.

It really wasn't too hard to make.

Here are the supplies I used:

- 6" Styrofoam ball
- glue gun and glue sticks
- straight pins
- feathers
- sequins of various colors and sizes
- hemp rope

1.)  I glued the feathers on first and they in no way need to be in a circle but placed thoughtfully around the ball.

2.)  Next came the sequins.  This part is probably the most time consuming.  I pinned the sequins around my feathers in various thicknesses.  The green and teal were on one side and the silver on the other.  I used different sizes to keep the visual texture interesting and varying.

3.)  Finally I glued the hemp in the remaining areas starting on the outside and working my way in.

I think the reason I liked this project so much is because there are endless possibilities and they can be interesting art pieces for the home at minimal cost.  See the solutions my friends came up with and make sure and check out their tutorials.

(I highly recommend following their blogs, they have some great ideas for home decor, home design, party planning, and other great design tips)

Caley at Design By Caley

Andrea at Strawberry Chic


  1. Wow! It turned out so cool! It reminds me of those cool flipper dresses w/ peacock accents! Thanks for linking up to mine too!

  2. Ah, just like me to forget about the texture ball challenge. Yours is so pretty! We definitely want to do this sometime! Goodness knows we have enough stuff in our craft bin. Thanks for a great idea.

  3. @Nicole, no worries, this is an open challenge. I'm sure this won't be my last one.