Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fashion Color Trends (Meet the Green)

Margarita - Pantone 14-0116

When I saw the Pantone Colors 2012 for spring this green was my least favorite of the colors.  I just couldn't see how it would it would translate into fashion color trends or even for interiors.  It's not that it can't be found or that it can't work, I just don't see the general public taking this color and running with it, me included.  So I set out to see what I could find.   

After quite a while of online searching I found the above pieces that are kind of in the same color family.  It proved even harder than anticipated.  I know I've seen a lot of green in the fashion industry as of late from colored skinnys to accessories.  While searching I realized that I was right, fashion color trends aren't so much following the Pantone Colors 2012 when it comes to green.  This particular green is more in the Sage Family, which is not trending.

What you will find is lots and lots of Mint and Sea Foam Greens leading the fashion color trends.  Now this I love!  I love it for fashion.  I love it for interiors.  As the feather earrings show, it is all the rage to pair some of these great pastel colors with bright colors.  They balance so well.  

Some are having a hard time jumping on the colored jean train and that's ok.  There are so many different opportunities to incorporate these colors.  My personal favorite from this collage are the heels with a bow.  Add them with regular jeans, a nice white shirt and perhaps a scarf with the same green and you have an outfit made of sophistication.   

Like I said the mint green or sea foam would look great in interiors especially as paint colors.  However, I feel that to do these colors justice I must write a separate post.  

I think what I love about the trends right now is that there is a little bit of everything.  Pastels. Neon. Vintage. Modern. You get the idea.  How would you use green and which color is your favorite?  What is your favorite thing about this year's fashion color trends?