Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Upcycling Ideas for the Home (Dining Decor)

Lately I've been brainstorming various upcycling ideas for the home.  It's always a little exhilarating when I can make something pretty out of something I already have around the home.  One of the things I have been saving for the last couple of years are glass bottles and jars knowing they would be the perfect inspiration for upcycling ideas.    

For this simple, elegant table decor I took these bottles from hubby's Valentine's Day gift and a couple of mason jars from my canning supply...

And turned it into this.   We have a long dining room table, perfect for entertaining lots of guests.  Our dining room also is joined with our living room so the decor should transition seamlessly through both spaces.  I've got a few different styles mixed throughout the space: Best described it is simply chic with touches of modern.  Don't let the simplicity of these decorating projects fool you, it took several hours to complete all five bottles.    

The first of these simple decor ideas was wrapping a silk bamboo yarn around two of my  Crush bottles. I admit it, I did not have this yarn in my supply stash but I don't typically buy yarn.  The hand of this yarn is so smooth and soft.  I couldn't stop touching it while at the store.  It is easiest if you start at the bottom.  I  used hot glue to glue the first layer around and then would add a drop of glue every few rows of strings until I got to the curve of the neck.  This is where it gets tricky.  I found it best to glue small sections down and not pull the string tight as you get up to the skinniest part of the neck.  Then you can continue adding a drop of glue every few rows.  

Next I wrapped a third bottle with jute, that I did have on hand, to have a contrast in texture both visual and tactile using the same method for adhering the string to the bottle.  

Finally, I used Looking Glass Spray and vinegar/water mixture to create my own Mercury Glass Jars.  There are lots of tutorials online that teach you how to do this.  One of the things I learned from experience though is that it is best to do this on a warm day out in the sunshine and the wider your opening, the easier it is.  My hand started hurting after having to repeatedly shove it into the inside of both  glass jars.

While fairly easy, these upcycling ideas took 5+ hours so make sure and plan accordingly.  The great thing about all three pieces is that they add so much diversity on my table between the shiny metallic  luster to the course neutral jute with and effortless ease.  They answer to the scale of my table and visually carry the long line creating a larger looking space.  I can't wait to show the hubby my latest creation.  What upcycling ideas are you working on?  


  1. I love your bottles:) Does it work with beer bottles?

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