Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Bedroom Ideas (Inspiration Board)

If you would have told me when we first got married that I would be dreaming of blue bedroom ideas for our house I would tell you, "That's crazy, I'm not really a blue person plus it's too mainstream."  Oh how my styles and tastes have changed.  The truth is that I haven't really worked on our bedroom, I wanted to be more established before I started investing in new furniture and bedding.  It looks like it may still be a while before we are truly established so for now I'm just dreaming up what our master bedroom might look like someday. 

This blue bedroom ideas board was of course inspired by this fabulous West Elm duvet.  Like I said, blue hasn't always been my top choice of color but when I saw this beauty on Pinterest I fell immediately in love and started coordinating the rest of the room around it.  

I'm loving the current tread to have a fairly neutral space with pops of color throughout.  I imagine the walls being painted a light taupe or cream color with lots of natural light coming through the windows.  Having a neutral pallet gives me the freedom to mix patterns, colors, and styles without overwhelming the space but creating lots of visual interest.  

What style is this inspiration board?  It's kind of a mix of old world, shabby chic, with a slight modern touch.  Other than the duvet my favorite part of this "dream room" is the mixture of pillow fabrics.  I want the dandelion fabric!

Now that I've started dreaming I have all sorts of blue bedroom ideas racing through my head in various styles.  It's so exciting:)  What color scheme or style do you wish for you dream bedroom?  Do you have an inspiration board or file started?  What piece of furniture or accessory do you start with for your inspiration?


  1. I love to change my colors, so the idea of neutrals with pops of color is very appealing to me.

    BTW, from your profile picture I think that both you and your husband look great in blue. :)

  2. I love the color scheme! I don't often change decor colors, especially in the bedrooms, but I love the idea of giving it a new feel such as the one pictured. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. WAIT??? where is the purple and green?? Haha...cute!