Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Yarn Wreath

I did it, I made my first yarn wreath!  I think this is my first wreath period and I love how it turned out.  Honestly the hardest part was trying to decide on colors.  Do I make it match my interior?  Do I use the same style?  Do I go completely different?  Do I make it seasonal?  So many questions.  Ultimately though the lack of color choice for the felt flowers helped me make a final decision.  While the colors in my house are a little more subdued I think that I was able to mix my overall design style with fun summer colors to make the perfect outdoor yarn wreath.

1 skein of yarn
1 foam wreath
3 pieces of dark purple felt
3 pieces of yellow felt
1 piece of lt grey felt
1 piece of dk grey felt
1 piece of medium purple felt
1 piece of lt purple felt
1 piece of linen for a tie
Glue gun

I wanted a yarn that had some texture so that it didn't have the "yarn" look as I wrapped it around the wreath (I know it's kind of ironic since I was making a yarn wreath).  What can I say... sometimes I don't understand my own thought process.  I found this neutral color as JoAnns.  It's Lion Brand and the color is Pearls.  It  kind of reminded me of wool and it was on sale!

I found various felt flower tutorials for my yarn wreath on Pinterest.  All were fairly easy.  The yellow flower was the most time consuming but it was my statement piece.  Again I wanted varying textures.  Some of the flowers had more dimension then others.

After I had finished all of my felt flowers I played around with the placement and hot glued them on.  The final touch was my linen tie at the top.  Do you recognize my the linen strip from another one of my projects?  

This yarn wreath was rather inexpensive.  I think I made it for right around $10.  It was a project I worked on with my mother-in-law and we had a blast creating it.  Do you have a yarn wreath or any wreath you made for the matter?  I would love to stop by and see your latest creations.  Happy Monday!