Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Selecting an Interior Paint (Blue Kitchens)

When selecting an interior paint for a kitchen I have rarely seen blue on the walls or cabinets and seen even less that were actually done tastefully. Now I am not a blue hater in any way, in fact the Tiffany Blue is one of my top colors for an interior... in like a living room or bedroom. The honest truth is that blue is a tough paint color for a kitchen.

Blue is a color found all throughout nature in many, many shades. Why is a natural color like this so hard to incorporate in a kitchen, a place where we take raw elements (food) and make them into works of art?

It goes back to "tasting" your paint color like I described in a previous post. Other than blueberries what natural foods are actually blue? Not many that's for sure. Thus we don't associate blue with food. In addition the color blue can actually suppress the appetite.

Before you go selecting an interior paint in the blue family to help with your "diet" we have to discuss some of the other "feelings" that blue walls/cabinets in a kitchen can create. Like green, blue can be associated with "healing" which is one of the reasons it appears in a lot of doctor's offices. Certain shades can also be associated with depression. Because of the feelings fabricated and it's lack of representation in food, I think blue can make your food taste bland or make it less appealing. If you're still wondering why this would be such a bad thing when you're trying to lose a few pounds think about how hard dieting can be. The last thing you want is to have those select items on your approved list tasting even more insipid when you're fighting those cravings for refined sugars and greasy fats.

That's not to say blue can never be an option with selecting an interior paint for your kitchen. There are other factors to take into consideration such as the contrasting colors of the floor, cabinets, other walls, and lighting. It just may prove to be a difficult task when used in such a high volume as opposed to being used as an accent color through your use of accessories.

What has your experience been with blue kitchens? Have you found some that have worked? What feelings does the color blue extract from you?

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