Thursday, March 29, 2012

Acupuncture for Anxiety (My First Impressions)

About a month ago I was meeting with my RE who said that before we do a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) I needed to try and and relax as much as I can which is not an easy task for someone with anxiety.  In the same meeting she suggested I look into an acupuncturist for the FET.  That's when the wheels started turning and I began thinking about using acupuncture for anxiety.

A year ago I wouldn't have given acupuncture for anxiety a second thought.  I wasn't a needle person and the thought of those tiny things sticking out all over my body totally creeped me out.  A year ago I was also still trying to get onto some kind of anxiety medicine hoping that they would help.

Since then I have learned that me and a lot of medicines just weren't meant to be.  For some people, they are the answer to prayers, but my path would need to be a little different.

My anxiety was passed on to me through genetics but some of  my circumstances make it worse than normal.  (Cue on-going fertility issues and another miscarriage).

I've been trying really hard not to let anxiety or depression get out of control this time around.  To some extent it has worked.  However the side effects of both are still there.  My stomach has been hurting more, food is harder to eat, I have a hard time sleeping at night, my muscles get a little tense, etc.

Originally my husband suggested that I start getting massages to help with all of the above.  Normally I would have jumped at the chance but the thought of hurting the day after a massage was a little discouraging.  I don't want to take more medications than I already have to even if its Advil or Tylenol.

The thought of attempting a FET has taken a lot of courage and faith in a hope that has been drowning.  If I'm going to do it, I'm going all in which means looking into an acupuncturist to help aid with fertility.  I didn't want my first session to be on the day of transfer, it wouldn't be good to have that extra little bit of stress.  So I met with one of the acupuncturist my RE recommended, yesterday.

The idea of using acupuncture for anxiety (and fertility) was no longer scary.  If I can give myself three shots a day I can handle acupuncture.  So I was actually a little excited.  We discussed general health, my anxiety, trouble sleeping, my stomach problems, and all things fertility.  Acupuncture can help with all of the above.

Afterwards we went in to the treatment room.  I laid on the table.  She strategically placed needles in my feet, ankles, stomach, wrists, and forehead.  It's not a poke but its not just a pressure feeling.  It honestly didn't hurt but you can tell something is being placed in those areas.

She left the room for half an hour for me to try and relax.  At first my legs would twitch at the same time with the same kind of movement.  I felt a little like Po from Kung Fu Panda.  Then I fell asleep for a few minutes.  Other than that, I honestly couldn't feel anything.  I didn't walk away from that experience suddenly feeling healed but I don't think I should expect that.  I left satisfied with the appointment.

I do think that the more I go, the more I will be able to see results with acupuncture for anxiety just like anything else it takes time.  I'm excited to going.  It is not something to be afraid of.  If it helps even just a little with any of the above it will have been worth it.

Has anyone else tried acupuncture?  


  1. I am excited to hear if you experience some relief from your anxiety through acupuncture. I have considered it myself several times but have not followed through. So keep us updated :)

  2. I have done acupuncture with my chiropractor. He did it to help my chronic neck problem and he attached a little electrical charge to each needle so they just tingle a little. I honestly LOVED it. I found the whole experience totally relaxing and I think I took a nap. I can't remember if I was scared of it before or not. I'm super afraid of having blood drawn, but to me they seemed very different. Anyway, cool! I'm excited to see how this evolves for you!

  3. Yes. YES I have and I love it. I am trying to find someone here locally for myself as I have not gone in years (since I lived in NY). I hope that it helps you. It is amazing and has helped me with physical and mental aspects of my health. My SIL goes and has since she was going through her infertility experience (is that poor choice of wording? I'm trying to say it right and I hate how that looks) prior to conceiving my niece. It is amazing for your health and I hope it works wonderfully for you!

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