Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Mugs - Meet the Moustache World

I should have shown you these DIY Mugs a long time ago!  Seriously.  I joined the moustache world a couple of years ago when coming up with gift ideas for the husband.  Like a lot of other men he has hopped onto that bandwagon only I don't really like REAL moustaches so he mostly just dreams of the moustaches he could grow.  Since I am a total dream killer I thought these diy mugs would make the perfect gift as he also loves hot chocolate.  Best of both worlds.  He thought they were awesome, at least that is what he told me.

If you are in need of any "manly" craft diy ideas these mugs are super easy and fairly inexpensive.

Supplies Needed:

-Stackable Mugs (I got mine from World Market)
-Ceramic Paint
-Paint Brush
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Paper Towel
-Stencil (I made mine and I'll tell  you how below)

Supplies Needed for a DIY Stencil:

-Silhouette Machine (or digital cutting machine)
-Contact Paper (Michaels)

Step 1:  If you don't have a moustache stencil you can make your own.  I downloaded several moustache designs from Silhouette's online store and sized them to fit onto my mugs.  I cut my contact paper to be 13" x 12" to fit the size of my Silhouette machine.  (My contact paper is clear so look closely at the photo to see it)

*Note I used the blade setting for regular vinyl with a speed of 8 and a thickness of 3.  It cut my contact paper like a dream*

Step 2:  Clean your mugs with hot water and then use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel on the surface where you will place the moustache.  This is important to help your paint bond to the ceramic properly.

Step 3:  Place your stencil onto your mugs.  The nice thing about making your own is that the contact paper sticks to the mugs on its own.  Make sure all inside edges are smooth and sealed tight.  With my rubbing alcohol paper towel I brushed my mug again where the moustaches would go since my fingers got all over the inside while placing my stencils on.  

Step 4:  Paint 2-3 coats of paint on the mug.  

*This is where it is good to read the instructions on your paint bottle.  I used the Americana Gloss Enamels paint (found in the acrylic section of your craft store).  I allowed one hour in between coats.  Then my bottle of paint  instructs that I let it dry for 4 days after which I bake it for 30 minutes at 325 degrees in a non heated oven.  Let it cool down in the oven with the door open.  Supposedly after that it is dishwasher safe in the top rack.  Most paints suggest you allow 21 days for it to properly cure before using it.  While this paint doesn't it wouldn't hurt. * 

The first time I made these DIY mugs I didn't take the time to properly clean the ceramic so the moustaches came off after going through the dishwasher.  I have just redone my mugs and will come back and let you know if I ran into the same problem after the paint is baked and cured.  If it does... they still make a great piece of kitchen decor :)

Have you joined the moustache world?


  1. John totally laughed because I, like you, don't REALLY like real mustaches, but I love the mustache fad! ;) Cute mugs! Love them!

  2. Oh my..... These are so adorable. When I saw the picture at a linky party tit immediately brought a smile to my face. So cute!
    I bet your family LOVES using them....

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  7. these are too cute! love that you made all the moustaches different!

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