Thursday, September 29, 2011

Digital Christmas Cards 2011 (Sneak Peek)

Remember this color palette for my digital Christmas cards? Well I'm almost ready to show the collection that goes with it. There will be six total in this collection and I'm just hammering out some of the finer details. Be sure to check back next week as I reveal the other five digital Christmas cards.

As always these and many other digital Christmas card collections will be available to download in .psd format directly from my website. For those who don't have Photoshop you can still order a flattened .jpg file from me. Simply follow the directions on my website, email me the photos you wish to be used, and then once the template is completed you can print at the location of your choice.

I'm hoping to release a new collection each week during the month of October. What color schemes or styles would you like to see.


  1. This is a fantastic idea Sarah. Look forward to seeing the rest of your collection next week.

  2. Adorable! Can't wait to see the rest of the collection.