Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Selecting an Interior Paint (Green Kitchens)

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If I were to ask you what paint tasted like you might give me a funny look and wonder if I myself have eaten paint and then wondered why. However, that is almost what we do when we select an interior paint color, especially in a kitchen. The mind is a very powerful thing thus when we see a color we associate it with memories we have where this color has been used. If it is a food color we can almost taste that food as we take our trip down memory lane. Green seems like the perfect food color, right; and since eating is typically the main activity for a kitchen it is a great solution... sometimes.

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So how do you know which greens to use in a kitchen? Always remember that in a place associated with eating we will remember how that particular green reminds of food, good or bad, before we usually remember other objects. Green can look fantastic as a paint color. It also may be better suited to use through the use of accessories as opposed to paint. It just depends on the exact color you settle on.

When selecting an interior paint for the kitchen you will want to take into account the value (lightness or darkness) of the other finishes being used. To do this I try and picture my room in greyscale. If the green of my wall and the brown of my cabinetry would be the same grey value I know I have a problem. The eye likes to see diversity when it comes to the different values of colors. My personal preference is to not use dark paint colors on the walls in a kitchen. However each person's feelings and association with any color will come from their own personal experiences.

If you were to see any of these greens what memory would come to life? How do these greens relate to food? Here a few associations I can think of:

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The scary science project in my fridge or pantry.

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Baby food. I know it is just pureed by the thought of baby food peas makes me a little sick.

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The pumpkin that was left of the porch for way too long.

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Walls that have seen too much moisture.

Certain shades of green remind me of some "interesting" memories I have growing up. I was the oldest child of many and have changed my fair share of diapers. Some were varying shades of green. If I were to paint my kitchen in one of those particular shades I think I might vomit just thinking about the smell. Speaking of vomit... You get the idea green can have some really gross associations.

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While selecting an interior paint for a kitchen we tend to associate colors with food first we also want to think about other spaces where green may be used. For example, green is often used in the hospitality and healthcare business. The last thing I would want is for my kitchen to remind me of my doctor's waiting room. For some reason food just doesn't seem as appetizing in a space that mimics anything related to a hospital.

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Sometimes the fix is as easy as switching to a paint with just a tad more blue or a tad more yellow. Other times finding a different shade completely will make for the better option.

Thus when you have brought home your sample swatches and put them under the various lighting that you color will be exposed to ask yourself these simple questions.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I see this color?
How would my room look in greyscale?
What does this paint taste like?


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