Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cardboard Chair

It's been a Monday if there ever was one.  Remember all of the big changes that I'm working on for 2012? Let's just say that January has been quite the month and today I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I had hoped.  Being away from home and my husband for a few weeks tends to throw you for a loop but... it's for a good cause.

To help remedy my Monday blues I started looking through photos of years past and came across some of my school projects.  One in particular was this cardboard chair.

The project:  To build a chair completely out of cardboard and glue that could sustain at least around 200 lbs.  We were also focusing on green design, sustainability, ergonomics, and functionality.

We were split into groups of three.  My group and I found our inspiration from a couple of cardboard tubes that were laying in one of the offices left over from our floorplan printer.  From there we gathered up as many of those cardboard tubes from around campus and headed to a carpet store for the larger tubes.  Cutting the carpet tubes was quite the chore.

This chair was surprisingly comfortable and rather durable.  Most of all, I loved the unique design, it really is a piece of art.  It's amazing what we can make out of recycled materials.  It might be time to challenge myself with some sort of project like this.  Anyone else interested in joining me?

Have you made anythings out of cardboard?  How about out of recycled materials?

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  1. The design is really neat! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. You are so creative. :)