Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Christmas Ornanment Crafts

This week has been a bust for me when it came to projects and posts until I finished my easy Christmas ornament crafts.  Either I ran out of supplies, I couldn't get a good photo, I ran out of time, or it simply didn't turn out.  I sure tried though.  I was feeling a little sad that I didn't have anything new to show you this week.  That's when I had the idea at ten o'clock last night to make these easy Christmas ornament crafts.  

My husband loves it when I start a project that late at night.  Luckily I had made these before and they really are simple and quick.


-styrofoam ball (this time I used a 4")
-small Christmas ornaments (I used approximately 60)
-plastic wrap
-hot glue

Step 1:  Pull the top of your Christmas ornaments off and then add a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the ornament, attaching it to the styrofaom ball.  Try to get the Christmas ornaments as close together as you can until the entire ball is covered.

Step 2:  Taking small pieces of plastic wrap fill in the gaps between the Christmas ornaments where the styrofoam is showing.  You can use clear plastic wrap or get colored plastic wrap to match your Christmas ornaments.  Since it was 10:00 at night I opted to use the clear stuff since that's what I had on  hand.  Use the pencil to push the plastic wrap and fill in the gaps. 

See!  Easy Christmas ornament crafts!

You can make them as big or small as you want, in any color.  There is so much visual and tactile texture!  It's a great way to quickly add some visual interested to your Christmas decor.   Now hopefully over the holiday next week I can really get to work on the projects I'm dying to show you.


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  2. What a cool idea! Love this!!

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