Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Moment (October 24th, 2011)

Today's Monday's Moment is Halloween inspired. My mom is super creative and talented, two things that I hope will someday rub off onto me. She has written scripts for short skits, sews, can paint and draw, and comes up with tons of ideas out of thin air. Growing up, especially when we were younger she had the challenge of balancing the mom on a budget act and coming up with great Halloween costumes. This was yet again a challenge she always seemed to win.

Halloween was always tricky growing up because of living in the mountains. The first snow always seemed to be on Halloween or shortly before with temperatures dropping drastically. We needed WARM costumes or something that would fit over our coats.

I love the photos above! I don't remember much from this particular Halloween other than I think we went to the mall that year for trick - or - treating. However, I think the costumes were genius and didn't break the "piggy bank." Moreover, the facial expressions and poses are priceless. I'm pretty sure my mom already had all the pink clothes (my brothers must be wearing my hand-me-downs). She made our ears and tails and I think borrowed the wheel barrow from a friend.

I'll be honest, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, at least in this stage of my life. I do like to see the kids dressed up though. They make for great photos and bring in the magic of being a kid, when you could be anything you wanted to in a moments notice and still be true to yourself.

Link up your favorite children's costumes with today's Monday's Moment and share your tips and ideas.

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